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Raising Money. Raising Hope. Doing Good.

Financial services companies aren’t known for hosting music festivals.

Some might sponsor one, getting their logo in an ad or perhaps their banner at the music venue.

But hosting one? Organizing it? Staging the whole thing right on the company’s back lawn? Doing it all for charity, paying the expenses and turning over proceeds to a nonprofit?

Let me introduce you to National Life.

We held our second annual DoGood Fest this past weekend right here on our campus in Vermont.

We call it the Do Good Fest because it’s part of the way we put our corporate values – Do Good. Be Good. Make Good. – to work.

Our corporate vision is to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch. That’s why we chose to support Branches of Hope, the cancer patient fund at our regional hospital, the Central Vermont Medical Center.

Branches of Hope, which until last year survived on the proceeds of bake sales, brings peace of mind to cancer patients by helping with basic living expenses such as food, gas, electricity, transportation, heat, rent and insurance.

Branches of Hope bought 150 gallons of heating oil for one patient on a day the temperature was 10 degrees. It paid a past due utility bill for another patient. This organization truly provides peace of mind.

That’s why we were so excited to see more than 3,000 people descend on our back lawn on Saturday for an afternoon and evening of music, family activities, a nonprofit village, food trucks and a beer tent.

Entrance was free, except for parking fees. And all of the fees went to Branches of Hope. Then the National Life Group Foundation made a matching grant so Branches of Hope can do $15,000 of good.

That’s the kind of financial services company we are. We happen to think this is what Main Street values are all about.