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How Do I Know How Much Life Insurance I Need? [Calculator]

Life insurance. It’s a safety net, peace of mind, planning for the unexpected. However you want to look at it, having life insurance is a good idea. So, how do you know how much you need?

Depending on your financial goals and situation, how much life insurance you need can vary. How many people depend on you? Do you have a mortgage, any other debts? These are all questions to consider.

Use this life insurance calculator as a starting point to help you think about your life insurance needs. Then, get in touch with a financial professional to review.

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Living benefits are provided by riders, which are supplemental benefits that can be added to a life insurance policy and are not suitable unless you also have a need for life insurance. Riders are optional, may require additional premium and may not be available in all states or on all products. This is not a solicitation of any specific insurance policy.