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When You Get The Culture Right, The Results Follow

We’ve known for a long time that there’s something important going on around here driven by our cause-driven culture.

That’s why it’s so heartening when others take notice.

Consider this piece on This CEO is Stunning a Sleepy Industry With Culture Change–and Surprising Results. Well, that headline pretty well captures it, doesn’t it?

Just a couple of highlights from columnist Scott Mautz’s piece. He writes that our Chairman, President and CEO Mehran Assadi “shared with me the secret recipe to National Life’s astonishing success in a category of sameness.”

National Life took a “simple powerful and values-driven cause” and made it vital to everything the company does. It’s our values to Do good. Be good. Make good.

The simplicity and power of those words have become easy for employees, customers and the community to understand, grasp and bring to life. It’s where the culture at National Life comes from.

Scott Mautz has a lot more to say in his piece about the idea behind our servant leadership tenets and our record of developing the skills of the people who work here.

It’s definitely worth a read.