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Experiencing Our Culture, Values Through New Eyes

So often, it’s really easy to take for granted some of the benefits you might have at your disposal.

All it takes to remind you how good you’ve got it is a fresh set of eyes.

That was really brought home recently by a group of interns who spent their summer working here.

One of their tasks was to take a look at what we’re already doing to attract and retain millennials, and what more we ought to be doing.

They came up with some good advice for improvements, such as establishing a “young professionals network” to encourage folks up to about age 35 to connect, both professionally and socially.

But they also took a look at some of what we’re already doing, and they came away impressed.

Impressed enough to work with one of our designers here and produce a video they call “The National Life Experience.”

Apparently our focus on health and well-being isn’t always a given at other companies. Or our dedication to open and collaborative work spaces. Or our commitment to sustainability and renewable energy. Or our incentives to encourage employees to volunteer with nonprofits in the community.

Those are the types of things that matter not just to a company’s bottom line, but to our potential and current employees, as well. We’re glad to have it reconfirmed that these practices and our strongly held values set us apart.

So we’re grateful to this group of young people for reminding us that, while we’re also searching for ways to step up our game, we’re doing pretty well already.