Considering Using a Captive for Your Small Business?

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Many businesses have used a captive insurance company to insure their property and casualty risks.  A captive arrangement can be ideal for businesses with sufficient cash flow looking to better manage their insurance needs, including costs, coverage and service.

Typical considerations can include:

  • The need to cover substantial risks (e.g., real estate developers).
  • The desire to gain tax advantages not associated with self-insuring risks (e.g., premiums paid to the captive may be deductible and captives owned by children or grandchildren may offer a tax efficient way to pass wealth).
  • Coverage needs that are not being met by the commercial market (e.g., coverage is unavailable or too expensive).
  • The desire to reduce costs (e.g., premiums paid to a captive typically do not need to account for the profit margin sought by a commercial carrier).

There are many types of captives and the considerations are not limited to those listed above. Determining whether a business should use a captive, and which type of entity structure is appropriate for that business, should be done with the assistance of legal, accounting and tax advisors.

Once a Captive company is properly established and capitalized, it may want to consider the purchase of a life insurance policy using some of the reserves or capital surplus for business planning purposes, such as Key Person insurance, employee retention and reward, or Buy/Sell arrangements

Life insurance should never be the primary asset owned by a captive and excessive amounts of life insurance may suggest an inappropriate use of this business strategy.


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