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5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

If you find yourself longing for warmer weather, more energy or just plain sunlight, you are not alone. With many more weeks of winter to go, it doesn’t hurt to have a few more ways to enjoy winter.

Here are five ways to beat the winter blues:

  1. Phone a friend—Have a friend or family member you haven’t heard from in a while? Pick up the phone. We all crave connection. In our digital 24/7 world-having a simple conversation with a friend has become a luxury. So make a phone date today.
  2. Volunteer—Brighten someone’s day and give back. So many organizations need help all year long. It’s a great way to connect with people in your community. And it turns out volunteering is not only good for others, it’s good for your well-being too. So make a date to do some good.
  3. Take a class—Go back to school to try something new. Sign up for a cooking class, dance class, language class, or even learn to knit. You may discover a hidden talent and you’ll probably make new friends in the process.
  4. Channel your inner Olympian—Get outside and embrace the cold. Try a new sport or rediscover a forgotten hobby. Go skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing or impress your friends and family and try something unique, like curling! Once you get moving, you may just forget about the cold temps.
  5. Plan a trip—just the act of planning a trip and looking forward to that getaway has positive mood boosting effects. So get researching and mark your calendar for that well deserved trip.

It’s normal to have days where you feel down. But if you feel like you have more than just the winter blues, be aware that seasonal affective disorder is a real condition. If you or someone you know is feeling depressed most of the day everyday, seek medical help.