10 Lessons Learned from My Mother

As we travel through life’s journey, we look back at lessons learned.  At the time, you don’t see these as lessons.  But, as you grow older, you understand what your mom was saying and why.  Some of these lessons still haunt me to this day.JudyMom3_sm

  1. It’s time for bed. It didn’t matter if it was 7:00pm.  It didn’t matter that the sun hadn’t even set or that the bedrooms were sunny and hot.  Who could go to sleep so early?  There was still a lot to do.  I couldn’t wait until I was a senior in High School when I could stay up until 10:00 pm.  But when that time came, it seemed like every morning my mom had to wake me up several times before I could focus.  Now, I would love to go to bed at 7:00.
  2. No drinks before bedtime. Are you kidding?  No drinks, but the bedroom is so hot.  You knew you shouldn’t have had that last bit of water when you woke up at 3:00 am with wet bed sheets.
  3. Save your money. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.  I didn’t understand because I had all my life to save.  Think what I could have if I had listened.
  4. There’s no reason to buy new clothes because you can wear hand me downs. Look at all the money we saved.  I’m still that way today.  Only problem is I have two boys.  After they got to a certain size, I couldn’t wear their clothes anymore.  Time to part with some of that money.
  5. In the house by dusk. To this day, I’m afraid of the dark.
  6. You can share a bike. Only problem was it didn’t have a seat, just a metal rod where the seat used to be.  It kept you on the move and on your toes, literally.
  7. I hope you have kids just like you someday. I was the best of six.  I’m convinced of that.  I’m sure my Mother would agree.  As for having kids just like me, I couldn’t have possibly done some of the foolish things my boys did.  I think Mom was talking to one of my siblings.
  8. Do not ride your bike on the cement steps. But it was fun.  Why did she keep telling me that?  I had time to ponder as the doctor was putting stitches in my chin.
  9. Stay off the wood pile. I was still wondering why she would get so upset.  How could that wood pile hurt me?  I was a good jumper and my reactions were fast.  You guessed it.  I was still trying to figure it out as the doctor was putting stitches in my face.
  10. Don’t run up and down the stairs. Who thought you could come down the stairs so fast on your back.  I believe I’m still picking out splinters.

Lessons learned.  One of the biggest lessons I believe I learned is that my mom is human.  She gets sick, she hurts, she gets scared, lonely, tired and angry.  Even though we are all in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s she worries about us every day, every stormy night and every snowstorm.

I’m still learning from my mom after all these years.  Little things like exchanging recipes or planting tips for our gardens.  More important things like medical issues, wills and life wishes.

Not realizing it, I have learned to take care of a home and family, work hard, worry about my boys and help answer their questions about life issues, finances, and yes, gardening.  A mother’s love is never ending and most importantly, unconditional.

I saw a sign in a little country store recently.  It said, “I’ve become my mother.”  My boys would agree.  I would agree.

We all have lessons learned.  Love you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.