A Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

I still have Jack-o-lanterns on my porch, and I just received a stack of catalogues in the mail telling me about the hottest gifts for the holidays.  It seems like too much, too soon.  And for many, the months of November and December are filled with far too much.  They are filled with too much food, too much hoopla, and too much spending.  In fact, it is estimated that the people of the United States will spend $2,875,000,000¹on Thanksgiving Dinner Food in 2016.  (That’s right, we’re going to eat almost $3 BILLION dollars.)  But, that’s nothing.  It’s literally a drop in the year-end spending bucket.  It is estimated that Americans will spend a whopping $52 BILLION² on holiday shopping between Nov. 1-Dec. 16th. (more…)

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Understanding Life Insurance Lingo

“You know what I mean right?”… Well actually, I don’t.  How many times have you had a conversation only to walk away not really understanding what was said?  Probably more times than any of us care to admit.  We don’t ask questions because we don’t want to look dumb; especially when it comes to financial products and services.  (more…)

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Always A Lady

Evelyn retired a few years ago and had plans of relaxing, tending to her vegetable and perennial gardens, camping with her husband, Alex, and enjoying her family. She and Alex have raised three sons, live in a quiet country setting and are very dedicated to each other. That dedication will become very apparent as you read this story. (more…)

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There’s No ‘Sea of Sameness’ Here; We’re On A Cause

I am a great believer in the good that a company like mine can do in the world. We are living our vision to provide peace of mind to millions of American families with innovative products, including life insurance policies with living benefits, or annuities with guaranteed lifetime income.

To be honest, we’re not alone. Other financial services companies have similar products. But I also am here to tell you that there’s something different about National Life.

We’re on a cause, a mission, a purpose. (more…)

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