Secrets of a Former Financial Advisor… Budgets

GettyImages_512193945I am a former financial advisor.  The company I worked for is not important (rhymes with “barbarian excess”), but the life and money lessons I learned from that experience proved to be very valuable.  For example, I learned that I can’t sell, which might have led to my career change into compliance oversight of financial services.  I liked helping people, and helping them solve the puzzles that were their finances and their frustrating lack of progress towards their goals.  But more often than not, I found that what was in their best interest was to keep their accounts where they were, and find a way to save more.  But as with losing weight, people don’t want the difficult and slow, albeit tried and true way to get there.  They want a magic pill that gets them results tomorrow.  Which brings me to the first lesson I learned about people and money:

Budgets Don’t Work.


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