Building Your Personal Brand

Personal brand resizedMany companies are concerned about their brand and for good reason. What people think of a company and its brand can catapult it to new heights or take it to disappointing lows. Consider Apple; when it releases a new product, people camp out to be the first to get it. This is because Apple created an experience, not a product. They don’t think an iPhone is just a phone, it’s a way to connect with the people they care about. (more…)

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You Can Tell A Lot About A Company’s Values By What It Supports

Companies support all sorts of causes and affiliate themselves with a variety of events as part of their philanthropic and brand philosophy.

That’s why you’ll go to a symphony concert and see corporate logos in the program, on banners in the lobby and even mentions from the stage.

Or why you’ll see companies putting their names on stadiums, blimps or wings of universities or hospitals.

You might even see a company combine it all together, maybe by throwing a daylong music festival on the lawn of its corporate headquarters to raise money for a worthy cause.

Hey, wait a minute. What a great idea!

And so was born National Life Group’s Do Good Fest, which, as it happens, is a daylong music festival that benefits Branches of Hope, the cancer patient fund at Central Vermont Medical Center. (more…)

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