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Borrow From Yourself

“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.” 

-Bob Hope

It’s one of those classics that falls into the ‘It’s funny because it’s true’ category.

Really, it’s not funny.  But, it does seem to be true.  Since the Great Recession of 2008, middle income Americans are finding it harder than ever to borrow money from banks.  Tightened regulations implemented in 2009 are causing bank lenders to look for near perfect credit qualifications in order to make loans for mortgages, auto purchases and even for small business owners.  (more…)

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5 Steps towards a Wealthier Future

At age 22, I had just graduated from college and was about to embark on my grown-up life.  I had a grand plan for how my future would unfold, and I thought I had everything figured out.  It’s one of those age old mistakes that young people make—we head out into the world armed with the knowledge that we have, completely oblivious to all that we don’t know and all that we will learn, earn and experience along the way.  If there is one lesson that rings true and always bears repeating it is that wealth is attainable, especially to those who start saving early and have the benefit of time on their side.

To all you twenty-somethings out there about to start your grown-up lives, follow these 5 simple steps to work towards a wealthier future:


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Don’t Give Away Money


It can be so confusing to know where to save for retirement.  Is a Roth IRA better than a Traditional IRA?  Would it be better for me to defer in my employer’s 401(k) plan?  Should I make my deferral all pre-tax or all after-tax (Roth)?  Or would it be better to do a combination?


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