Tracy King

Tracy is a marketing manager that brings with her a breadth of experience from financial underwriting in the health insurance industry, to teaching first and second graders. Tracy loves learning and is never afraid to ask a question.

To keep her creative juices flowing at home, she tries to keep up with her two teenage daughters, knits, and enjoys cooking – not necessarily in that order! Working with children in education and having a family has been influential on Tracy’s sense of humor and ability to think and act on the fly.

A Chicago native, Tracy is a life-long Cubs fan as a testimony to her persistence and hopefulness.


When Your Holidays Are Neither Merry or Bright – Living with Grief During the Holiday Season

Alas, the holiday season is upon us. And as much as I find myself delighted by light displays as it turns dark at 4:30 pm and holiday movies streaming 24/7; I also find myself struggling with very un-holiday like emotions – sadness, powerlessness, and grief.  Norman Rockwell holiday images of “Dashing Through the Snow” be damned!

2016 has been a tumultuous year.  Geo-political conflicts aside; in my small department at work – between 6 people – we have experienced the death of 11 loved ones in addition to multiple critical illnesses of family and friends.  And while I work with an outstanding group of professionals, I know that inside, grief blankets our hearts like a heavy snowfall.  Maybe this is you too this holiday season? (more…)

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Check Your List and Check It Twice – A Year End Financial Checklist

It’s the holiday season and your schedule may be filled with parties, cookie making, and spending time with family and friends.  But you better not pout, you better not cry, we’re telling you why.  While Santa Claus is coming to town this month; in a few short months so is tax-time.  Read our year-end financial tips that might help keep you off the naughty list come April 15th. (more…)

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Understanding Life Insurance Lingo

“You know what I mean right?”… Well actually, I don’t.  How many times have you had a conversation only to walk away not really understanding what was said?  Probably more times than any of us care to admit.  We don’t ask questions because we don’t want to look dumb; especially when it comes to financial products and services.  (more…)

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