Sharlene Mazza

Sharlene has spent most of her career in insurance and securities compliance. She joined National Life’s broker-dealer, Equity Services (ESI) in 2014. At ESI, she manages the internal testing program, travels doing field examinations, and is adept at pivoting wherever she is needed.

Sharlene was a born and raised Delawarean who lived in the same 10-mile radius for the first 42 years of her life. She decided to make a change and moved to Colorado five years ago where she lives near Boulder. She is fortunate to have both her grown daughters living out in Colorado as well. One is a city girl living in Denver, and the other is a mountain girl living in Crested Butte.

She has always loved to travel as much as she can and has been to all 50 states (as well as many countries). She loves hiking, skiing, camping, backpacking, and being outside as much as possible. In the National Life Do Good spirit, she is a Boulder County Volunteer Naturalist where she goes into schools to teach kids about nature and animals. She also volunteers in the Early Learning Center at the Hope House Colorado which provides self-sufficiency programs for teen moms.


A COVID-19 Recovery Story: Control What You Can

I am a remote employee with National Life who lives in Boulder County, Colorado. Our picturesque mountain towns were the first to see the virus in early March because of tourism. To curb the spread of the virus, the governor shut down all ski resorts on 3/15 and put a Stay-at-Home order in place on 3/26. Our National Parks and popular trailheads were also closed to prevent people from heading to the mountains. We were told to exercise near our homes, and mountain counties started imposing fines for out-of-state and out-of-county travelers to keep them away.


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