Mehran Assadi

Mehran Assadi

Mehran Assadi is passionate about doing good in the world. To him, a company like National Life is about preserving families, helping them grow and thrive, and finding ways to make their businesses and workplaces vital and important parts of their communities. He has a long career in financial services and has served in senior executive positions at several companies over the past 30 years. Mehran has been president and chief executive officer at National Life for the past six years and has been at the company since 2003. He has served as interim chief information officer, chief operating officer and president – life and annuity.

But it’s not all about work for Mehran. He can frequently be found in the National Life fitness center for his early morning workout. And he’s almost as passionate about the Baltimore Ravens as he is about doing good.


Taking Stock Of Some Of The Good We Did in 2015

This is the time of the year when companies take stock of how they did in the year just over, totaling up sales and revenues and profits.

We’re doing that, of course, as any good business does. But we’re also very intent on judging how much good we did in 2015, whether we’re truly living up to our values.

We believe that if you’re driven by your mission, driven by your cause, you automatically boost your bottom line. In our case, we must judge whether we kept up with our vision – to bring peace of mind to everyone we touch; our mission of keeping our promises; and our values – Do good. Be good. Make good. (more…)

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Raising Money. Raising Hope. Doing Good.

Financial services companies aren’t known for hosting music festivals.

Some might sponsor one, getting their logo in an ad or perhaps their banner at the music venue.

But hosting one? Organizing it? Staging the whole thing right on the company’s back lawn? Doing it all for charity, paying the expenses and turning over proceeds to a nonprofit?

Let me introduce you to National Life. (more…)

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