Khrista Trerotola

Khrista Trerotola

Khrista brings a breadth of digital and marketing experience – including 10 years with a well-known insurance provider – to National Life. As a marketing director, her focus is on developing and executing digital marketing strategies that engage customers and enable agents to grow and maintain their businesses.

After years of spending winter weekends escaping Boston’s city life for the slopes, Khrista and her husband relocated to Vermont’s Mad River Valley in 2019. While they came for the skiing, the Vermont summers sealed the deal. In addition to downhill skiing, Khrista enjoys alpine touring, trail running, mountain biking, playing tennis and occasionally picking up the lacrosse stick she put away after playing in college. When she’s not playing outside, Khrista can be found traveling in search of new experiences and cultures or puttering with her latest DIY project, big or small.

A native of Buffalo, NY, it’s clear that Khrista’s love for snow started early in life.

Teachers: 5 Things You Should Know About a 403(b)

This summer, I was tasked with overhauling Retirement Homeroom, a National Life website dedicated to helping Educators and School District Employees plan for retirement. Like any project, I started with an open mind, gathering as much knowledge as I could and putting myself in the shoes of those we seek to help: Teachers. I found myself back in the classrooms of my favorite teachers, reflecting on their contributions to who I am – and where I am – today. I thought about the relentless “one-paper-every-weekend” assignment in Mr. Hayes’ AP English Class: I mastered the art of the m-dash. I left more prepared for college than I ever imagined. I became a writer.


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