Haley Pomroy

I’m a Millennial and I Haven’t Saved for Retirement

My name is Haley, I’m a millennial and I’m about to start my third (and last!) year of law school. Like many people, my life is full of deadlines, time with friends, thoughts of student loans and plans for the future. My impending graduation means that I’m also getting ready for my first permanent, full-time job (aka my induction into full adulthood). As with all big life changes, I have a lot to think about—and a lot to worry about.

I can get an impressive amount of worrying done between 12am and 1am. Long after I should be asleep, I’m worrying. I’m worrying about things I can do something about (hello, 3am bill payment), and I’m worrying about things I can’t do anything about (my student loans will still be there in the morning… unfortunately). But, you know what I don’t worry about? Retirement. (more…)

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