Elaine Limanek

Elaine works as an internal sales associate at National Life Group. Spending time with agents every day gives her a wealth of knowledge on both life insurance and annuities, and it means there is always a new challenge to tackle. Elaine majored in Media & Communications at Catholic University, where she studied rhetoric, journalism and film. This, along with her experience as an editorial and social media intern for WellWed Magazine, allows Elaine to bring a creative perspective to her role.

As a native Vermonter, Elaine grew up on skis and in the lake. She continues to spend time outside of work with family and friends taking advantage of all that the Green Mountain State has to offer. She also enjoys traveling, working on various art projects and sailing with her family on Lake Champlain.


What It Means to Be a Beneficiary

From the day we are born, a future full of exciting adventures and milestones unfolds before us like a road map. We all know that this road map is bound to change; sometimes we end up in detours and have to turn around and start over, sometimes the car stalls out and we need some maintenance, and sometimes the people that come along for the ride—the ones who help guide us and help give directions—are suddenly gone. We are left with an empty space and often aren’t sure how we are going to navigate the twists and turns in the road up ahead. (more…)

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