Ellen Lehmert

Throughout her 30 years of experience in Advanced Sales, Ellen has had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the finest planners, attorneys and accountants in the field today. At National Life Group, Ellen is Director of Advanced Sales.

A former business owner, Ellen was in private practice as the principal owner of both an Advanced Planning Consulting Firm and a Law Practice that specialized in business and estate planning. Ellen has specialized in the design of business succession and non-qualified benefit plans for business owners and wealth transfer designs for high net worth clients.

Ellen has authored numerous articles and has presented at many industry meetings, including the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries and the Million Dollar Round Table.

A native New York City resident, Ellen and her family moved to Vermont in 2011. Enjoying the 10 minute rush hour, hiking in pristine mountains and joining in community activities, Ellen has learned to love the Vermont life while still appreciating the fast pace of New York City.

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Year End Charitable Giving

Just a couple of nights ago there was a knock on my door–it was one of our neighbor’s kids.  He was collecting money for a local group–raising money to support their sports programs. He’s a nice kid and it seemed a worthy cause. I grabbed my wallet, found some cash (which I don’t always have!) and wished him a lot of luck.  I didn’t get a receipt. I don’t plan to take a tax deduction and didn’t research the organization.

Why did I give?  It’s simple.  I was being nice to the kid next door.

But for the other charitable contributions that my family makes, the answer to “why I give, what I give and when I give” is an entirely different story. (more…)

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Business Owners: Reward Your Key People|The Executive Bonus Plan

I’ve worked with a lot of business owners over the years.  In private practice as an attorney, as a consultant to financial practices, as a marketing attorney for financial institutions –  the issues and opportunities that occupy a business owner’s  time have been front and center in my professional life.  What I’ve found is that, while no two businesses are exactly alike and while no two business owners are exactly alike – they do all share some common concerns. And, I found when I was running my own business I faced these concerns too.  Do any of these sound familiar? (more…)

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Qualified Plans Make Sense for Even Very Small Businesses

I have had the recent pleasure to work with a talented consultant and had the opportunity to talk about her success with her small business and her plans for the future.

She shared some interesting insights about her own business and personal planning that I thought may benefit any small business owner, and that is no matter how small your business is, you probably can benefit from a qualified plan. (more…)

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How to Plan for the Unique Needs of Your Family

Life can change in a moment.  One day my family became a family with a special needs person.  I had been out of the country (and at that time relatively out of touch without cell phone connections) and arrived home to hear increasingly troubled voice mails. “Call your brother.” “Call your brother the second you get home.” “Call your brother at the hospital!”


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