Erin Hunt

Erin Hunt

Erin is a brand manager within the marketing department at National Life Group. She has spent most of her career marketing, managing and educating financial professionals about annuity products. With years of training and public speaking experience, she has a knack for breaking down complicated products into simpler concepts.

Erin and her husband, James, live in Vermont, by way of Connecticut and New York City. They have two dogs, Ayla and Murray, who successfully endure their mother’s complete obsession with them. She is a proud graduate of UCONN, and a very unfortunate, die-hard fan of the New York Jets.

Childless By Choice: How to Talk to This Mysterious Subgroup of Women

I always knew I did not want children. Always. My childhood idol was “Murphy Brown,” the caustic, brilliant, witty, complicated woman played by Candace Bergen on CBS. When her character made waves during the “American Family Values” era of the early 90s by having a child out of wedlock, the adults shrieked with horror over the impropriety, and I remember thinking, “I’ll never be able to relate to this woman’s story line now.” I was eleven. (more…)

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