Lizzie Dunbar

Lizzie Dunbar

Lizzie brings ten years of advertising and digital marketing strategy to National Life’s brand team from a diverse spectrum of agency experience in Boston, Denver and Vermont. As a Brand Manager, she works to seamlessly align our brand presence across the enterprise with strategic and data driven approaches infused with energy.

Outside of the office, Lizzie is the Junior Varsity tennis coach for Stowe High School and also sits on the board for MENTOR Vermont. For the past three years, she has spent her Friday mornings mentoring an elementary student in her local community.

From campfire cuisine to exploring new restaurants, Lizzie has an insatiable appetite for both travel and culinary adventures. She lives for outdoor experiences and loves sharing them with her partner Greg, family, and close friends.

When she isn’t out blazing a trail in the great outdoors, it’s common to find her writing letters via snail mail, cranking the tunes of her vinyl collection, paging through a hardcover biography, or fussing through the NYT’s Sunday crossword.