Betsy Drury

Betsy is senior team manager at National Life Group. She recently formalized her passion for health and wellbeing by becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. A proponent for a well corporate culture and personal wellbeing, Betsy supports and serves those on a path to a happy and healthy life, and believes we all have the power to influence change and to embody the vision we have for the future.

Her entrepreneurial spirit served her well as the owner of her graphic design studio, and lends understanding to the challenges faced by small business owners.

Betsy plays and runs in the beautiful Vermont landscape with her husband and daughter.


The Power of a Positive Mind

You may have heard how good nutrition and physical activity are good for your health. Did you know that nurturing a positive state-of-mind is just as important? BeWell (2)A poor mindset has the potential to offset all the good you do eating delicious and nutritious foods and exercising.

Focus on the Good

A simple step you can apply today is quite simply (and sometimes not so simply), whether your glass half full or half empty? Did you know that people with a positive outlook outlive their counterparts?1 Where you choose to put your focus in each moment can affect not only your daily experience, but how long you live. It can influence your success or failure, and be the difference between a good day, or a bad day. The beauty of it is that this powerful choice is yours. (more…)

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