Ena Anthony

Ena has worked in financial services for 34 years. She is a Senior Qualified Plan Marketing Associate and specializes in creating custom qualified plan designs for closely held businesses and conducting seminars on pension-related topics. Her areas of expertise include qualified plans, distribution planning and wealth transfer. Ena has obtained financial service designations from the American College, the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries and the Life Management Institute.

As a native Vermonter, the great outdoors is always calling. Golfing, gardening, hiking or snowshoeing with her husband and spoiled rotten dog are favorite weekend pastimes. She is proud to work for an organization that honors teachers as life changers. Her husband has been a life changer in Vermont schools for more than 30 years. He has great patience in and out of the classroom, which is good because Ena’s motto is “question everything.”


Understanding Required Minimum Distributions

Have you ever noticed when you ask someone the age of their baby or toddler you get answers like “he’s 18 months old” or “she’s two and a half.” If you’re turning 40 this year and someone asks you your age, you’re not likely to say, “I’m 39 years and seven months.” You are more likely to say “I’ve got the big Four-O coming up this year.” At what age do we stop using months and half years? I don’t know if anyone has ever done a study on that, but at some point we just use years, except when it comes to talking about retirement. (more…)

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Understanding Divorce and QDRO: Dividing Retirement Assets

When talk turns to the graying of America it is common to hear terms like Baby Boomers and the Sandwich Generation. Now we can add “gray divorce.” What is a gray divorce you might ask? It is the increase in divorces among couples age 50 or older.

Along with the emotional aspects of ending a relationship that may have lasted two or more decades, there is also the financial aspect.  (more…)

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Are You Emotionally Ready To Retire?

You’re in the international space station and you’ve been told to suit up for your first spacewalk. The pod opens and you look out into the void and you’re told to jump. You’re excited and scared. You hold your breath and jump. Then, you wake up in your own bed. Your heart is racing and you’re relieved and slightly confused. And then you remember. Today is the first day of your retirement. You have just taken a giant leap into the unknown and you have no idea what lies ahead. (more…)

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When Did I Become a Ham on Rye? | Tips for Living Independently In Your Golden Years

I have aging parents. But I don’t have children. Am I still considered part of the “Sandwich Generation” or does lack of one slice of bread put me in some type of gluten-free land? My curiosity got the better of me so when in doubt, surf the net.

Turns out I still qualify as a part of the Sandwich Generation. According to the website, “The Sandwich Generation,” authored by Carol Abaya, M.A., I am what is known as an “open-faced” sandwich. (Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up folks.). So now I know there is a catch-phrase for my situation but it doesn’t change the fact that I have a responsibility I would prefer not to have.
Helping aging parents is tough. (more…)

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