Cidney Tassie

Cidney has been with National Life Group for 3 years. She works as a Reinsurance Analyst in the Corporate Development Department. Cidney is an active member of the National Life Recreation Association, where she gets to plan company events.

Born and raised in Vermont but she still has to acclimate herself to the brutal cold every winter. Aside from work she fills her free time up with an active son.


Rocking Zen Vibes this Holiday Season: Six Tips from my Pod to Yours

The holiday season brings family and friends together and sparks an anticipated joy for the promise of a new year ahead.   Amidst all the joy and the holiday splendor, there is no denying that the hours of daylight are fleeting and that the workday feels longer. While we all strive to do our best in our personal and professional lives during this time, trying to keep a healthy balance during the busiest time of the year can be a challenge.


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