Brittany Russo

Brittany graduated from Norwich University with both; a B.S. in Business Management and an M.B.A. focused in Project Management. Upon the completion of her B.S. Brittany started working for The National Life Group as an Internal Sales Associate and has since transitioned into a Director of Sales. Her goal is to help the agents representing National Life Group reinforce their clients financial security with her unlimited resources, professional capability and personal care.

Brittany leads the Women’s Inclusion Network at National life. She is driven to take the unemployment rates left to us by the COVID-19 Pandemic and turn them into opportunities in the financial services industry for under or unemployed women.

Although raised in Vermont, Brittany currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Michael. Weekends are often spent adventuring, having family BBQ’s or at a Dodgers game.

“Bossy” Brittany.

“Brittany is bossy” was common feedback at the parent teacher conferences when I was a child. Second to that was, “Brittany is quite a talker”. Both are true in their own right, but it would be many years later before I would learn that my mother’s response was, “Brittany is a leader”.


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