Anna Peev

Anna is a Marketing and Digital Media Intern at National Life Group. During her free time she practices graphic realism and grows her art portfolio.

She studies at the University of Texas at Dallas Majoring in Business Administration with a Concentration in Risk Management and Insurance.

Anna was born in Bulgaria and has citizenship in three countries—Bulgaria, South Africa and the United States.


When it comes to saving for retirement, time is an asset

As people save for retirement, they strive to determine how much they will need to maintain the lifestyle they live. However, saving up for retirement becomes more complicated as time progresses. People buy homes, while at the same time they are paying off student loans or paying for their children’s education. The kids sign up for chess, taekwondo or basketball and there are tournament fees and uniforms to buy. Simple living costs make it hard to save. How does one keep up with retirement savings? (more…)

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